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Terms and Conditions

FIT2FLY24/7LTD terms and conditions

Who are Fit2Fly24/7ltd

Fit2fly24/7ltd is in partnership with (circular 1 health) to deliver  SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) RT-PCR testing services to customers at home using a fully tracked delivery/collection service. Dispatching CE marked sample kits to your door, or via our agents (pharmacies/travel agent) Providing customers with rapid results.

Fit2fly24/7 Ltd recommend booking your desired test date at the start of your prescribed time period provided by your travel operator.

Home to lab (London/ Luton and Leicester)

Buy a home to lab test online and a confirmation of booking will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd will arrange for an agent to deliver your sample kit to you and wait for you to follow instructions provided within your sample kit and hand back to our agent. Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd aim to get your results within 24-48 hours of being tested.

Base to Lab (London/ Luton and Leicester)

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd have a growing network of agents within the London area that will be providing a base to lab service, where you can have the test at the agents office. You will receive a confirmation email, Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd aim to have your results back to you within 24 hours of your swabs reaching the lab however this could take up to 48 hours.

National UK mainland Postal service and Agent collection service (pharmacies)

Buy a home test kit online or you can book through one of our agents. A confirmation of the booking will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd will deliver your sample kit to you and collect the swab kit on your chosen booking date (your booking date is the date the courier will collect your swab).  Please follow the given instructions within your sample kit to take your swab. We will arrange for a courier to collect your swab for you from an address in UK mainland or we also use DX Delivery drop shop locations, please note courier collection is only available between Monday to Friday. Any weekend collection have to be dropped to closet DX Delivery drop off point. You will receive your RT-PCR test results and certificate if the result is negative. This will be sent by email within 24 hours of delivery to the lab.

Positive Results

If your results are SARS CoV 2- Covid 19 positive our team of expertise will be in contact with you and discuss the isolation process, they will also notify the DHSC (Department of Health and Social Care). The NHS Test & Trace will also be informed.

Your Results

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd aim to get test results sent out within 24 hours, from the date swabs have been delivered to the lab. However this could take up to 48 hours. All postal services could take up to 72 hours. The RT-PCR test certificate is valid from the date and time taken.

Your liability

All customers must check with their travel operator if the fit to fly certificate is the correct documentation required. No guarantee can be provided that SARS-CoV-2 (covid19) RT-PCR test fit to fly certificate is the correct documentation.

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd are not liable if the certificate does not match your travel requirements.

If the booking date (this is your courier collection date) is missed you will then be liable for any costs to send your swab back as soon as possible. This may cause a delay in processing your results and may not match the original time frame provided.

Any swabs dropped off to a local Hermes collection point during the weekend need to be dropped before midday(12pm).  Failure to adhere to the above time frame will cause delays. Fit2fly24/7 Ltd will not be held liable.

Customers are required to complete the booking form in full,  failure to complete this could result in further delays processing the results.

Fit2fly24/7 Ltd will not be held liable for any delays or extra charges incurred.

Inconclusive test result is due to inadequate swabbing and consequently, we are not obligated to give any refunds, should any results be inconclusive you will then need to retest at full price.

Tests should not be booked if you show any symptoms of the Covid 19 virus.

Please refer to the government guidelines.

If a flight is missed, due delayed test results for any unforeseen circumstances. This could be the result of courier service delays, bad weather or anything else that is out of Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd's control we will not be held liable to pay any charges.

Fit2FLy24/7 Ltd try to advise appropriate appointment times to meet the passengers needs.

Please note, neither the lab nor we can we can guarantee the results we be back on time.

Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd only provide you with an estimated time frame that we work to meet.


Fit2fly24/7 Ltd have a no refund policy.

Cancellation of a booking is non- refundable, however all customers will be eligible for a voucher to be used at any time. Vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months from the issue date and will be of the initial amount paid.

Any cancellations or amendments can not be made within 72 hour of your booking date.

If you are  within 72 hours of your booking date you are not eligible for a voucher or any amendments.

Please email with any questions or queries, Fit2Fly24/7 Ltd will aim to respond within 48 hours.